Wild animals love finding places to set up housekeeping but not in your own house.

Unfortunitately small mammals like squirrels, racoons, and other critters can build dens just about anywhere in your house.

In your attic, animals can leave behind feces, urine and food remnants that may cause odors. They also gnaw on wood and wires, potentially creating a fire hazard. Rats and Mice are also a constant concern, although they are such a familiar presence around people that they are hardly even considered wildlife

Birds may roost in the attic or crevices near the roof. Bats and feral (wild) cats also may sublease part of your home or property.

Bats are a particular worry when they colonizing your home. They love to find a nice dry warm place to live and your attic usually is their prefered location. There are several ways to exclude them and it is best left to professionals.

For bat remediation to be completely successful, the entire structure must be treated. If only one portion of the structure is treated, bats will simply relocate to an untreated area to live. This is true for any building, residential or commercial.

After successfully removing bats from your building, your next concern is the debris left behind. Bats can eat their own body weight in insects nightly so they leave a significant amount of droppings called Guano.

Significant amounts of guano in the right environment can breed a toxic fungus named Histoplasmosis. This fungus usually attacks the respiratory system and in some cases can be fatal. 
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