​​Storms create major water damage to your home or your commercial structure. ​​

A storm event can cause flooding from wind damaged roofs, broken windows or penetration from falling trees and blowing objects.​​  

Wind damage is very obvious to see but damage can also be difficult to detect. Shingles often are not torn but can be lifted from their positions and lose their seal with each other. This allows water to penertate and create areas that can lead to roof rotting and mold growth.

We inspect your entire storm damaged property to evaluate the extent of the repairs necessary and help you with all phases of the insurance claims process. 

First Pick Builders provides you with storm damage repair including debris removal and emergency board ups, securing your home or business from further damage or loss of personal posessions.
With access to more than 15,000 technicians nationwide, and the largest fleet of vehicles and equipment around the country, we will secure any size damaged property immediately and efficiently, helping to minimize secondary damage.
​​Our Satisified Customers Say...
  1. Very impressed with everyone I dealt with. All of my concerns where dealt with promptly. My work was completed on schedule.

    K. Kwasnicki - Lucerne, CA

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