Board Up and Tarping Services

After  your home or business is damaged by fire, water, storm or vandalism, safety and security of the structure is essential.

First Pick Builders offers emergency board up services along with tarping after damage caused by any number of tragic occurances to your building. Our team of restoration experts will arrive as soon as possible making sure your home or business is protected from further damage and secure from more loss.

Our services include smoke, fire and water damage reconstruction, structure damage assesment, repair versus replacement, building and property demolition, and complete debris removal.  

With just one call you will have the industry’s most knowledgeable reconstruction contractors at your service.

First Pick Builders DKI offers additional specialty services to our customers. These services include: Thermal infrared imaging, emergency power distribution, and wireless remote monitoring systems.  

The First Pick Builders DKI team maintains the most up-to-date knowledge in these specialty services, and uses only the most state-of-the art equipment to service our customers.