First Pick Builders is a full service construction company serving the Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. We provide emergency services for structures damaged by water, fire, smoke, storm, natural disasters, wild animal habitation, mold and soon, infectious disease control. We also offer design and construction of residential and commercial buildings of all kinds.

Here is the timeline of building the Turret being of our new office building in Lakeport. It is an example of our commercial building capabibities.

This  is the restoration work First Pick Builders does for damaged homes. The house had about 6 inches of lake water in every room and 4 foot "flood cuts" were done to the walls for mold prevention. The technicians here are under the house in a very tight crawl space, removing wet insulation. They protect themselves from contamination by wearing full body suits and respirators.

We made this for insurance adjusters to remind them how we can save them time and stress by allowing us to efficiently serve their clients and get their homes back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.