First Pick Builders DKI can complete commercial tenant and capital improvements of any size. 

We are experienced in working in both private and government envrioments, providing superior results. Here are some highlights of our expertise:
  • CORE & SHELL/BASE BUILD FIT OUT- First Pick Builders DKI can fully fit out your commercial space, to include installing access floors, floor and wall coverings, ceilings, hvac, plumbing and lighting.  Our expert craftsmen are renowned as the best in the industry and can support all size tenant and capital improvements.
  • ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL & NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE- First Pick Builders DKI has experience with raised access flooring with under-floor distribution of mechanical air supply, electrical power, and telephone and data communications systems.  We are able to expand or augment your existing system at an infrastructure level in support of your business, office or data center, to include:    

    • Electrical – Main switch boards, transformers, electrical panel boards and power distribution units.  Workstation power systems or modular furniture power installations. 
    • Mechanical – Boilers and cooling towers, supply air fan terminals and variable fan drives.  Air diffuser installation and augmentation.  Data center cooling/air management.
    • Network – Telephone and data infrastructure, including fiber optics cabling, from service MPOE to intermittent distribution frames to end users as well as data center network infrastructure.
    • ENERGY EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTS- By improving your home or commercial building’s energy efficiency, you can save on energy bills, improve occupant comfort, and even increase property value!  First Pick Builders DKI can assess your property for adequate insulation, locate and seal hidden attic and basement air leaks, address leaky, torn and disconnected ducts, and much more!  ​

First Pick Builders DKI can support data center energy best practices such as hot/cold aisle containment, airflow management and redundant power distribution.   ​